Restart A Heart Week at Lessons 4 Life 
Wednesday 16th October 2019 is Restart A Heart Day. The Ambulance Service and training providers across the UK spend the day teaching CPR to schools and local organisations so they would have the skills needed if someone had a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. Lessons 4 Life hasn't settled for just one day, we have had a Restart A Heart Week teaching sessions across Hull and Yorkshire. We will be finishing off this week teaching over 200 year 11 pupils at a secondary school in Hull.  
Do you know much about Sudden Cardiac Arrest? Want to know more? Someone has a Sudden Cardiac Arrest when their heart stops pumping blood around their body. The brain is starved of oxygen and starts to die. They need immediate treatment to help them survive.  
We have also been busy on social media, check out our Facebook or LinkedIn pages where we will be sharing lots of amazing, scary and little known facts about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, CPR and using a Defibrillator. 
Would you know how to do CPR? Of course coming on a first aid course is the best way to get hands on experience of how to do CPR but if you are ever in the situation where someone has stopped breathing and you need to do CPR the Ambulance Service call staff are trained to talk you through exactly what you need to do until the Ambulance arrives. REMEMBER anything you do before the ambulance arrives is better than doing nothing!  
Would you know how to use a defibrillator? They really aren't as scary as many people think, the ones used by members of the public are automated so they talk to you and give you instructions so you know exactly what to do. When you call for an ambulance and start doing CPR the Ambulance Service call staff will tell you where the nearest defibrillator is if you have someone with you who is able to go for you. They will even give you the code for the cabinet so you can unlock the door!  
Hopefully we have taken some of the mystery away from sudden cardiac arrest, CPR or using a defibrillator, if you would like to book onto a course have a look at our course diary 
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